Our promise to you is that all services will be priced low, because you have worked hard on your book and should be rewarded. With the exception of swag, your first service with us will ALWAYS BE FREE! All prices and descriptions are listed below the troll!

Please email me at


Promotional Services:

Cover Reveal ($10)- Let us find bloggers to share your cover on the day of your reveal! We will put together the HTML and reveal materials and check each posting on the day of the reveal.

Release Day Blitz ($15) – Let’s get the word out when your book is released. Not only do we prepare the materials and contact bloggers, but we also share around on social media!

Blog Tours:

Please note: We will host a promo spotlight here during your tour. However, we will not review your book during any tours or events with us. If we have already read it, we will mention that (and link to any previous review), but otherwise, we will not review during your tour or promo period. If you want us to review it, we can talk about that later.

7 Day Blog Tour – $35

10 Day Blog Tour – $50

14 Day Blog Tour – $65

30 Day Blog Tour – $100

Want us to get some reviews for your title? For $10, we will coordinate with readers and bloggers to gather a list of people who can provide reviews within a certain timeframe. All we are doing is coordinating the reviews; we cannot guarantee where they will be posted or that they will be positive.


Promotional Graphics: $5 each


Swag prices depend on what you would like. We can create tumblers, coasters, keychains, Chapsticks, etc. How many and what kind of swag will determine the cost. Choose this and we will coordinate with you to plan a swag pack that meets your needs!

7 thoughts on “Services

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  2. Okay, reading and looking for how to submit “Stinky and the Night Mare” for your review. It is NOT available as an e-book, but is listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Powell’s Bookstore and a couple more. Stinky earned an Honorable Mention from the 2014 New England Book Festival. It was released in mid-November for pre-sale. Signed copies are available at a very small number of indy bookstores, which I hope to grow.

    I can send you a PDF of the interior, that includes illustrations by Jessie Luo. I can also send you a copy of the book. There is lots more information available on Facebook (Stinky and the Night Mare). Re having the book read to small children, I’ve begun in-school reads in the three country school districts, grades K-1, and am gifting each class with their very own signed copy.

    • You can email me at I would love to review your book. If it isn’t too much trouble I would love to have a hard copy of the book as it is easier to share with the baby troll. I love reviewing children’s books with my children. Thanks,

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