Meet the Book Trolls

Furry GremlinKaren

Bio: Karen is a married mother of three who loves to read and enjoys meeting a variety of people, especially authors in all genres. When she isn’t working as a Medical Assisting Instructor, she is an experienced blogger, swag designer, and publicist who currently works as a PA to several indie authors. She is excited to have her daughter on this adventure of reading with her.

Favorite Books: Silver Linings Playbook and Sorta Like a Rockstar by Matthew Quick, His Muse by Kemmie Michaels, The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Backward Compatible by Pete Clark and Sarah Daltry, and The Flowering Series by Sarah Daltry

Preferred Genres: Anything realistic or with characters who are maybe a little quirky but likable.

What Karen Won’t Read: Very little, but right now, Karen’s focus is on reading books she can suggest to her kids as they get older and ask her for recommendations. She wants to encourage them to read as teens especially and to continue to love books, so she’s been spending a lot of time taking them around to libraries and book stores and on missions for her “author babies.”


Bridget (Baby Troll)Furry Monster

Bio: Bridget is a 9-year-old, about to enter the 4th grade. When she isn’t in school, she enjoys reading and playing with her friends and her little brother. She is also a bit of a TV addict. She eventually wants to write a book and she plans to dedicate it to her 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Shaffer.

Favorite Books: Junie B. Jones by Barbara Parks, The American Girl Books, and The Wellspring of Magic

Preferred Genres: Historical fiction, Middle Grade, Fiction

What Bridget Won’t Read: Books I can’t understand.” Bridget is pretty open about trying new things, but please remember that she is only 9.


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