Tiffy’s Terrible Top Hat by Lady Jenniviere’s Quill ~ Review

Twelve year old Tiffany Rinks is a beauty queen, talented, smart and the school bully. She spends her days terrorizing the other kids. But it looks like the tables have been turned. Now she is the victim of a cruel joke.
Can she unravel the cause of her torment? Or will her bullying and lies cause the loss of her most prized possession?
Some lessons are only learned the hard way. For Tiffy, it looks like this might be a very hard lesson.
This book was provided for an honest review.
At first I was excited about this book because it is promoted as being an anti-bullying book, and perfect for the grade level of Baby Troll. As I started to read I realized that this is not a book I can let Baby Troll read, and I think that calling this an anti-bullying book is a bit of a stretch.
Let’s start with why Baby Troll simply cannot be allowed to read this book. Baby Troll is nine years old and in the fourth grade. However I pride myself in the fact that my children are allowed to be children and go to a private school. So my nine year old acts like a nine year old should, still playing with dolls, and enjoying cartoons, and silly games. Oh and yes she still believes in Santa Claus. However not too far into the book there is a sentence that says, “If she still believed in Santa Claus…” After reading something like this Baby Troll would certainly question why someone would not believe in Santa. I would like to keep her young and innocent for as long as possible. Now it may not bother other parents but I think that you should be warned it is in there.
As for an anti-bullying book, I think that is giving this story too much credit honestly. Tiffy the main character makes several references to knowing she is a bully, in my experience most bullies don’t openly admit that they are bullies in fact they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. Plus she feels bad when she does something to hurt someone else? If she feels that bad about it then she should stop. Honestly she comes off as a bit of a spoiled brat who is entirely too vain.
While the moral of this story is that beauty comes from the inside, it certainly goes about expressing in an odd way. There were also moments in the book where the author is speaking about one character and then confuses the names on the very next page, clearly there were some serious issues missed in editing. One example is during a spelling bee a student named Hope is up against Tiffy. However after Hope’s name is mentioned two or three times on the next page it says, “Marybeth.”
Overall this book just didn’t do it for me, and while I may be older than a 4th -8th grader I can’t even get an opinion from my 4th grader because I would like to keep her innocence.


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