Never Ending Bad Day by Lady Jenniviere’s Quill

Never Ending Bad Day

A Preteen/Middle Grade Book from Lady Jenniviere’s Quill


Deja Vu. The feeling you are repeating a moment. We have all experienced it. A second or two that seems oddly familiar. What would happen if your entire day was deja vu? What if you know exactly what will happen, but nobody believes you? And what if it just happens to be the worst day of your life? And what if you know tomorrow it will repeat all over again? Well, for Misty Bentley, there is no what if. She did not want the last day of summer to end. She and her best friend, Stanley Green, were having a wonderful summer vacation when the pair stumbled across a fountain. Without a thought, Misty tossed a coin in and wished the day would never end. As fate would have it, her wish was granted. Regrettably, the day turned out to be the worst day of her life. Humiliation piled on humiliation. Injury was added to insult. If she has any chance of catching tomorrow, she must convince Stanley they are repeating the same day and together they have to figure a way to undo her wish.


This book was given to us for an honest review.

I will be honest. As the mom of a middle grade student, I enjoy middle grade stories as much as she does. It gives us something that we can talk about after we have both read them. However, with this story we had differing opinions.

While I thought the basic idea of the story was cute, I felt like the topic of vomit was overdone. However, apparently when you are nine, worrying about vomiting in front of others is a real concern? When I asked my daughter if she felt like it was brought up too much, she replied, “No Mom, it is sooooo embarrassing when you get sick in front of other people. I am always worried I am going to throw up when I am nervous.”

I also found myself a bit confused throughout the book. At one point, there is conversation about the two families in the book being on vacation together, but then it is mentioned that the whole swim team was at the pool, including the coach. Eventually I concluded that, since they stay at the condo for the entire summer, there is a swim team that is made up of kids who also are around all summer. I was confused at first, though, I will admit.

Misty, and Stanley have a cute relationship, and one that is typical of what I would consider normal for their ages, even though I think things are more advanced these days. I am glad that the author kept the relationship simple, appropriate, and normal for this age group. The two have to work together to figure out how to undo the curse that was put on Misty.

Honestly, for me, this book was on the verge of “meh,” but the middle grader in the house really enjoyed it. Goes to show how much I know.

A note on the synopsis – this was edited as the Amazon link spells deja vu as deja vue. My daughter and I are not sticklers for spelling and grammar, but some people are. 

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