Heave Ho! by Jose Lucio – Review


I was asked to review this book – Heave Ho! I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. When the email came in requesting the review with a link to look at the book I immediately looked over it and thought it was adorable. However I replied to the author and requested a hard copy of this book because to me the true test of a children’s book is if the children enjoy it.

Today our hardcopy came in the mail, my three year old immediately requested that I open the package. Upon seeing what was inside he jumped up and down and requested mommy read this story to him.


Visit http://www.JoseLucio.com for a full preview of the book! Heave Ho! is a children’s book about teamwork and outside-the-box thinking. When a cheerful little worm pops his head up above ground, he is surprised and grabbed by a hungry bird. The worm must get help from his other worm friends, but the bird has help too…which leads to an intense tug-of-war battle. The battle goes on until the worms are losing ground no matter how hard they try, which leads one worm to come up with a new idea!





This is an adorable story for little ones with all of their favorite familiar animals! I sat and read this story with my three year old, and he was engaged the entire time. He was excited to see that more and more worms were coming to the rescue of the little worm. We also laughed when one of the worms got creative. Once the story was done he joyful looked at me and said, “Mommy books about worms are the best!” I would have to say that Jose Lucio scored big in this house with Heave Ho!  This story teaches kids to think outside the box, and to use teamwork to help one another out. This story features worms, a cat, dog, and bird, all creatures my little one is familiar with.

The other component that makes up a children’s book is the pictures. This story could easily tell itself through the pictures on every page. The images match the words making it an easy read for a child just learning their words. They are colorful, and have a very unique appearance to them. They are very well done, and so far my three year has decided the worms are his favorite.

We will certainly keep this one around in our house and enjoy it over and over again. Plus we got two adorable worms in the book that are now “my best friends,” according to my three year old.

We give Heave Ho! a 5 wonderful wiggly worms out of 5!


Thank you so much for the book Jose Lucio it is an awesome addition to our library here at home.

About the Author: 

José Lucio is an illustrator and children’s book author living in Savannah, GA. He moved there in 2007 to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, and since graduating, he has chosen to stay and make it his home due to the beautiful working environment.


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