Review – Warrior Lore – Ian Cumpstey



Warrior Lore is a collection of Scandinavian folk ballads in a new English verse translation.

The ballads in Warrior Lore have echoes of Norse mythology and medieval heroic legends. They tell stories of champions and fighters, Vikings, and trolls. There are riddles, and there are appearances from Thor, Loki, Sigurd, and other figures from the myths of the Edda and from history. These narrative ballads were part of an oral tradition in Scandinavia, and were first written down around 1600, although the ballads themselves are older.

The legendary hero Widrick Waylandsson comes face to face with a troll in the forest. Thor resorts to cross-dressing in a bid to recover his stolen hammer. The daughter of a King of Sweden is abducted from a convent in t
he Swedish countryside. A young fighter has to show off his prowess in skiing and shooting for King Harald Hardrada. And more…

All the ballads included are:

Widrick Waylandsson’s Fight with Long-Ben Reyser; Twelve Strong Fighters; Hilla-Lill; Sir Hjalmar; The Hammer Hunt; The Stablemates; Sven Swan-White; The Cloister Raid; Heming and the Mountain Troll; Heming and King Harald.

Furry Gremlin


Warrior Lore is a historically, fun book that I liked a lot, and it was interesting as well as amusing. Warrior Lore is a bunch of ballads, poems and songs of Scandinavian folk lore that is very informative. The author describes each ballad beforehand, so that the reader understands the context, which I found to be very helpful. This book is an easy read and keeps your attention the entire time. It takes you on a journey into the past with whimsy and rhythm. And, even though I’m not a big fan of poetry, I really enjoyed the translations of these ballads. My favorite of which was “The Hammer Hunt”. This follows the Norse gods Thor and Loki on their trip to get Thor’s hammer back. I won’t say more, but it made me laugh and was just wonderful.

So it’s 4 out of 5 stars for Warrior Lore. A good book that rhymes…most of the time. ~ Laura Del


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