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Today I am taking part in the Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop. I am so glad to have the opportunity to take part in this blog hop and be sure to follow the hop at the bottom of this post.

Something that I have been thinking about over that last few weeks is just that Indie and Small press authors. Personally I have never been on to jump on the bandwagon for anything. So when I first got into the reading and blogging world all the books everyone was talking about weren’t books I picked up and read. The one the intrigued me the most were the ones that others weren’t reading. It is easy to “like” a book based on what others say is good but I wanted to form my own opinion. I have loved Jodi Picoult’s writing for a while now, and then I found Matthew Quick (neither of which are indie or small press I know) but what they have in common with the indie books I truly love are that they have a deeper meaning. For a while I was content to read a book that laid it all out for you. There was nothing to infer, there was no deeper meaning, nothing that made me think it was all right there spelled out on the pages.

I then found Sarah Daltry, and yes I know I talk about her writing a lot, but over the last year I have really felt like I could not only connect to her writing, there is so much more than meets the eye in her writing. I tend to get a bit excited when I know there is something new coming out from Sarah because I can be sure that it isn’t going to be a fluffy piece but one that will make me think, and in the end possibly teach me something, make me step back and think about how I react, or even treat others, or possibly just know that being “alright” is alright.

When Sarah announced she was going to be working on a series inspired by the Flowering Series, but completely different and geared toward the YA/NA crowd I was really really really excited. Once I had No Such Thing as Perfect in my hands I couldn’t put it down. Sarah writes beautifully, and to me there is nothing like a story that is more based on the characters than some over the top plot. This book is about a girl going off to college, and realizing that she needs to be happy with herself for herself and no one else. What I like the most about this story is how much I can relate to Lily. At one time in my life I was an 18 year old girl headed off to college, being away from home wasn’t easy, and I will be totally honest there wasn’t a time in my young adult life that I remember feeling as though I didn’t need a boyfriend. I thankfully have grown over the years, but it is something that I will make sure I teach my daughter. I am excited about this book because I truly feel as though I can’t possibly be the only one who at 18 felt some of the ways Lily feels in this book. This book is for those of us who don’t need a HEA, who don’t think that in real life “issues” can be wrapped up into the perfect ending in 60-70k words. This is a contemporary realistic fiction novel but one that truly think if you enjoy YA/NA you should take a look at. Although the characters are in college there is no “on camera sex” so it isn’t an NA novel in the sense of what NA has become.

So while I know that it seems as though I tend to talk about Sarah and her writing a lot it is for a good reason. She writes books I want to read, the kind of book that can make a difference in someone’s life.


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