Release Day Blitz: Out of Sight Makes it Right?

bannerOut of Sight Makes it Right?

by Chris Bauer

AuthorHouse Publishing Company

booksweb book imageTommy is growing and learning to think for himself, but sometimes the easy way isn’t always the right way. Follow Tommy as he learns that a short cut to picking up his toys can hurt the feelings of someone who loves him very much. Will Tommy figure it out? Will he make the right decision and be happy again. Inside this book Tommy’s life lesson is revealed, resolved and shared with his young readers.

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seriesThis is the first of three Tommy books. Others include:

Tommy Loves PancakesFor Tommy eating pancakes is fun and super delicious however Mom would like him to learn to enjoy different foods. Foods which are tasty and good for him. But when the dreaded pork chop and potato make an appearance on his dinner plate Tommy doesn’t want to take one bite, he certainly doesn’t want to chew and does he have to swallow too? How will he get out of this mess and get his beloved pancakes back in a stack on his plate? Follow Tommy as he learns to be open to suggestion, change and discovery.

There’s a Super Hero in Every Box – The man on TV says Tommy will find a super hero in his cereal box. So when he gets a chance to go with Mom to the store all he can think about is what kind of superhero will he discover? Will the superhero fly? Will he super strong? Will the superhero have super powers? When Mom finds Tommy surrounded by cereal in the grocery store aisle, Tommy tries to explain. Will Mommy understand? Did Tommy find the superhero? And what can be done about the cereal spilled on the grocery store floor? Inside this book young readers follow Tommy as he learns three lessons in one. Believe, respect and patience.

authorChris Bauer is a mother of two and grandmother of five. She has worked 28 years in radio broadcasting–writing, voicing and producing thousands of radio CB 4acommercials but was prompted to take a different direction with her writing talents recently after a call from her daughter. Her daughter was concerned about her four-year-old’s understanding of the difference between making up a story and telling the truth. That is how and when Out of Sight Must be Right? came to life.

“Most of the Tommy stories I write are true and based on my children’s early years, such as learning to put away toys, trying different foods and learning how to behave in public. The stories are endless and reliving my children’s childhood through Tommy is both sad and joyful.  Sad because they are grown and living their own busy lives; joyful because I can now sit back and watch as they teach their children the same basic life lessons. Pay back is great!”

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