The Spirit and The Shadow Blog Tour and Review

The Spirit and the Shadow Button 300 x 225The Spirit and The Shadow

Book 1

Author: Thomas Lavalle

Illustrator: Brandon Swope

Genre: Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller

Publisher: No Rules Media Publishing, LLC

indexA fast-paced, paranormal suspense thriller from a new creative team that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you are pulled into the chase for a vampire by those who want his secret, others who are out for justice, and one man seeking revenge.

In a world where vampires and humans coexist, Detectives Aiden Lawson and Robert Garrison are after a vampire wanted for murder. This accused vampire is also hunted by the murder victim’s brother, an assassin gone rogue from his clandestine agency. What these men will learn, is that this vampire has a secret – a secret that very powerful men and vampire alike will go to great lengths to acquire. The story follows the paths of these individuals as they uncover the truth. THE SPIRIT AND THE SHADOW is a mash-up of conspiracy and paranormal genres with suspense, vengeance, and BLOOD!

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About the Author:

I have been advised against announcing that I am a first-time author – that it is basically asking a reader to take a chance in my book even though I have no track TPLrecord. I have no history in fiction writing, never won any awards, and never took a literature or writing class (outside of basic 101 level college courses). While not advised, it is the truth, and as honest as this bio is, so is my writing. My name is Thomas Lavalle. I am a first time writer. I also surf, read comics, and I’m a dedicated father and husband. If you’re interested in paranormal suspense – take a chance and check out my book, it’s awesome!

ReviewI imagine there is little more difficult as an author than putting together a graphic novel and so I first want to applaud the writer in doing so. I think my biggest challenges in reading this were that I needed more – whether in text or image. There were a lot of places I was lost, because the dialogue and script style format didn’t give me any background or character development, but the one or two images on the page were not giving me enough to make the connections.

Overall, the story is simple. It’s a revenge story with a supernatural twist. This is the first book in a series and it’s not resolved, so be prepared for that. I would call this a combination of Chuck Palahniuk and Quention Tarantino, with a dash of True Blood. I really liked the concept and the world, as well as the general premise. However, it felt like a great outline of a longer book I really desperately want to read. For that reason, I would give this a three – but I am definitely interested in reading more in the series. It’s well worth the short investment, but expect to feel like the experience is incomplete.


One thought on “The Spirit and The Shadow Blog Tour and Review

  1. Thank you so for the review and the spotlight! I am happy you generally liked the book and want to know the rest of the story. I can promise you (and everyone else) that this is a planned trilogy … we have the whole story outlined, and (most importantly) we know the ending! Thanks for taking the time to read and review, we hope it was worth your time! ~ Tommy & Brandon

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